Your Campus Group Survival Guide

So, you want to lead a successful conservative or libertarian student group on your campus. Perhaps you already lead one. It will be your responsibility to lead your group to success, including long-term organizational survival. You must expand your leadership, grow your membership, and train good successors to build your legacy. This manual will teach you how.

You’ll learn about key topics, including how to:
•Set up a systematic, ongoing program to recruit large numbers of new members
•Conduct programs which educate other students
•Deepen your own philosophical education
•Establish working ties with conservative and libertarian leaders and organizations at the local, state, and national levels
•Raise sufficient funds for your activities

•Earn favorable publicity for your groups and projects
•Identify and work with local conservative or libertarian faculty
•Prepare worthy successors to replace yourself next year
•Remain involved in your group as a mentor and ally after you graduate

I expect you to succeed. You’re already smart. You’re already committed to your principles. Your training from the Leadership Institute, in this manual and at LI events, will teach you a lot. You will learn more through your experience in the months to come.

What you do on campus will change people’s lives, including your own.

From my own career, I can promise you that, years from now, you will look back on this period of your life as one of your most interesting and valuable experiences.

Students you recruit and develop as future leaders this year will build on the skills they learn from campus activities. Many will develop someday into highly effective leaders in government, politics, and the media.

Much more good will be done than you will ever be able to measure. When you launch people in the right direction, they’ll do good things you may never see or hear about.

Morton C. Blackwell

Read the entire Campus Group Survival Guide PDF here