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Jared Reni

Jared Reni

Director of Communications Training and Studios
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Jared Reni is the Director of Communications Training and Studios at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA, where he advances communication skills within the conservative movement through over 100 training programs each year. He also manages Leadership Institute Studios where he oversees video production for the institute.

Jared got his start as a professional in Utah as an sales agent at the age of 16. In 2011, he became the International Sales and Service Team Manager at where he developed and implemented sales and marketing strategies within the international sales team. Meanwhile, Jared also started a small business called Premiere Mods that focused on modifying and repairing iPhones and other gadgets.

In 2012, Jared began pursuing his passion for government by transitioning into a role as Media Chair at the Center for Constitutional Studies at Utah Valley University. Over two years, he oversaw all aspects of digital video and graphic creation, digital strategy, and advertising, running several successful event marketing campaigns. 

Jared joined the Leadership Institute in May, 2015. He currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

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