Laura Bachurski -  Volunteer Faculty at the Leadership Institute

Laura Bachurski is a financial professional who has successfully navigated several career transitions within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over the past 15+ years. The scope of her responsibilities has included federal budget execution and formulation, appropriations, congressional reporting, budget and staffing forecasting and analysis, internal controls, and communications. Laura recently joined the Accident Investigation and Prevention Office as Program Manager for a technical program that detects anomalies that introduce risk into the national airspace. She has served as a senior budget and policy analyst since 2015, with details as the Acting Enterprise Operations Section Manager for Budget and Finance in Aircraft Certification Service and the Acting Director of Finance and Budget Division for the Aviation Safety Organization ($1.3 billion operating budget). She has also worked in Commercial Space (think rocket launches) and the CFO's office. A graduate of FAA’s Program for Emerging Leaders who also served as a Congressional Fellow, Laura brings a deep understanding of both FAA and the funding and administration of its programs.

MBA in finance from the University of Maryland. BA in German from James Madison University.

Laura Bachurski