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Speechwriting Workshop

37 days until event begins

What you will learn

Learn how to develop speeches that withstand press scrutiny and learn how to write by committee at the Leadership Institute's Speechwriting Workshop taught by speechwriter Dr. John Shosky.

This is a two-day event:

Tuesday: 6-9 pm
Thursday: 6-9 pm

The Speechwriting Workshop takes place at the Leadership Institute's Steven P.J. Wood Building located in Arlington, VA.

In this class, you will look at professional speeches that are well-written, persuasive, and cogent. Your instructor will discuss the primary components of speechwriting, including research, argument development, formatting, and more.

You will talk about effectively using a speech in a political campaign. We'll discuss target audiences, pro-active messaging, winning strategies, and effective impact.

Who it's for:
•Media and communications professionals
•Elected officials and candidates
•Aspiring speechwriters
•Anyone preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement
How you'll benefit:
•analyze famous speeches
•deliver speeches professionally
•organize and prepare effective speeches
•think on your feet in impromptu speeches

What to expect: This two-evening workshop includes equal parts lecture and practice. The first evening consists of instruction and interactive samples of select speeches. The second evening consists of speech delivery and analysis by the instructor and the audience.

What's included:

•Welcome packet and notepad
•Notes and training materials
•Personalized critique of your speech
•Dinner each evening

Cost: $75.00*

*Ask us about student and group rates.
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Starts Tuesday, September 15

Tue 15:   6:00 PM  - 9:00 PM EDT
Wed 16:   6:00 PM  - 6:15 PM EDT
Thu 17:   6:00 PM  - 9:00 PM EDT


This training is online.


$50.00 $15.00 discount for early registration until 9/8/20 Your Cost: $35.00


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Your faculty

John Shosky

John Shosky

President, Roncalli Communications

John Shosky is the president of Roncalli Communications, Inc. He has been a professional speechwriter, consultant, coach, and trainer for thirty years. He has written almost 3000 speeches for government officials, political candidates, and public interest advocates. This amounts to over seven million words on the public record.

He has been a speechwriter at the highest levels of government. Dr. Shosky has served in the Reagan, Bush (41) and Bush (43) Administrations, working in the Executive Office of the President, White House Public Affairs, The Department of Health and Human Services, The Department of Education, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In addition, Dr. Shosky is the author of two books: Speaking to Lead, London: Biteback Publishing 2010, and The Words of our Time, London: Biteback Publishing 2012.

In a recent review of The Words of our Time, former Tony Blair speechwriter Phillip Collins wrote “Shosky's introduction is so full of insight and great tips that I wanted more. He knows what he is talking about.”